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Teeth Whitening

Do you ever wonder how celebrities and television presenters manage to have perfect white smiles? For many of them, tooth whitening offers an easy solution to minimising stains and enhancing the natural shade of their teeth.

Teeth whitening treatment involves the use of a chemical bleaching solution that is applied to your teeth. Here at Parrock Street Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics we offer home tooth whitening where you are given a specially formulated gel and custom trays that fit over your teeth. The trays that we make here at the practice have a special design which ensures our patients always get their desired result. Most people prefer to wear their trays at night time and start to notice a difference in their tooth colour after 2-3 days. For bright white results it is advised that you continue whitening for 2 weeks.

For best results we recommend that you follow our advice regarding the bleaching gel application, avoid food and drink that can stain your teeth and also to use a shade guide to track your whitening progress from your original tooth colour. Should you experience any sensitivity we will be able to help you advice on how to reduce it while still getting whiter teeth.

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